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Adoption Horizons works directly with some intercountry programs and networks with other US agencies to assist with placements of children from many different countries.  We feel that by working with a wide variety of sources, not only will more children from around the world have an opportunity to gain a family, but adoptive families will be better able to find a program that meets their needs.
Adoption Horizons receives many information calls every day from prospective families.  Although their backgrounds and circumstances may differ widely, one common thread is that most are overwhelmed by the number of decisions to be made to accomplish their goal of adoption.  Adoption Horizons sees their role as one of supporting and educating families...and assisting them through the many phases of decision making step by step.  As experienced adoptive parents as well as adoption professionals, we know that not all decisions need to be made at once!  We take time to learn to know our families through the study process so that we are in a better position to understand their needs.  In turn, we can then guide them in selecting a program or country that will best enable them to accomplish their goal.  There are many options available including but not limited to Korea, The Peoples Republic of China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Guatemala, Russia and Bulgaria.
We encourage interested families to attend one of our information meetings where we will share the latest information about options, program requirements, costs and time frames...and answer as many questions as time will allow!!!


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