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Adoption Horizons believes that the adoption process does not end with the placement of a child, but just begins!  Thus the services that are offered through this agency are focused on providing more than a written homestudy document.  From the information meeting to linkage to post-placement support services, our goal is to assist our families to grow together in a healthy and positive manner.
Information meetings provide an opportunity to obtain more detailed information on the adoption programs and process available through Adoption Horizons.  A panel of adoptive families attends each meeting in order to share their experiences and answer questions.  Prospective families then attend a series of education classes in which long-term adoption issues are discussed.  These classes are limited to a small group in order to promote a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which connections with other pre-adoptive families are encouraged.
A personal, in-home visit completes the process and enables an adoption specialist to individually assist each family in making a final choice of country or program.  We guide parents through the paperwork requirements of their chosen program.  Once a child is placed in the home, we will provide post-placement services and assist with legal finalization.  After your adoption is finalized, we are always available to offer support as the real adventure of family life begins!
We also offer confidential services to birth parents who are considering the placement of a child for adoption.  Information and counseling is provided at no cost.  If a placement decision is made, birth parent(s) are welcome to be actively involved in the selection of an adoptive family.  Birth parents may define the type of contact, if any, they wish to maintain with their child's adoptive family.


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